Steven Shmerler Life Coach By nature, our mind and spirit strive for happiness. As we know, Life doesn’t always cooperate with our wants. Life can be hard and often is. Interestingly, happiness is a state of mind more than a state of having. There are people who have the best of things Life has to offer, yet are unsatisfied, unfulfilled... even miserable. And regardless of your material possessions, if you are unsatisfied or if you desire change and need a helping hand, coaching has come to the fore and is proliferating for good reason. It works! I work with people that want change in their lives with Life Coaching (LC), Career Coaching (CC) or Physical Pain Coaching (PPC) such as from pre or post surgery.


Does Any of This Sound or Feel Familiar:

If Nothing Changes, Nothing ChangesoI want happiness back in my life!
oI'm stressed, drained, overwhelmed
oI'm losing focus and productivity
oI'm distracted & pulled in too many directions
oWhere did all the fun in my life go?
oI know I'm floundering. I need help!
oI've lost conviction in my Life's purpose
oMy relationships are failing. I'm sad
oI want my spouse, family, friends to be closer
oI’m tired of being single or want to be!
oI need a life change, but need guidance
oWhere's my confidence? I've got lots to offer!
oI need time for life, enjoyment and ME!
oI need help with my Chronic Physical Pain!


I understand, care and can help you with your concerns, issues, blocks, to reframe, reinvent and get your life back! Take a look at my About or Testimonial pages and see if my style, knowledge, experience and sensitivities are indeed what you've been looking for. 

If you want a better life and you’ve never worked with a Coach before, you'll find the alliance you develop with your coach amazingly helpful experience. There's much is to be gained from this kind of help, support and rapport.

I understand that choosing a coach is a big step. To help, I offer a Complimentary Session (see sign up form on the right), which will be part getting to know each other, part explanation and answering your questions along with a coaching demonstration to give you a full and rounded perception in order to make a comfortable, well-informed decision.


Coaching. Summary Overview:

Coaching helps bring out your true potential by emotionally connecting your inner purpose and passion with your outer goals and strategies to achieve extraordinary, sustainable, generalizable results, helping you design a plan, and sticking to it. Being accountable.

Sustainable and generalizable mean: that what you learn related to one situation, can be applied to others and not just for a short period, but as a core personality change that you will be able to use and depend on over time.


Visualize the LIfe You Want! - by Steven Shmerler, Astoria Life Magazine, January 2014
Enriching My Life & Others - by Jennifer Kim, Editor, Astoria Life Magazine, March 2014

Laurie Segwick Steven helped me re-discover my worth, strength, confidence & wisdom. I learned and grew working with him through his kindness, knowledge, intuition and dedication. I can’t recommend Steven enough for Life Coaching or Career Coaching. -Laurie Sedgwick
Valerie Mingin Steven is a fantastic strategic partner with technical, life and business skills. With his support and insight, I quickly regained clarity and the ability to define and accomplish the tasks and goals that had alluded me. If you want to find your ideal business or personal structure, I encourage you to work with him. -Valerie Mingin